Steal that Look: Simplicity 2369 Pants

Spring is finally here but based on the 55 degrees outside I have not yet pulled out the Spring Wardrobe. I did want to make something spring like despite the wet and cold weather. When I came across this polyknit fabric at my local Walmart, I knew immediately they would make a beautiful pair of palazzo pants. It also seems like flowers on pants is back in fashion this spring.

I had this pattern in my stash but had never sown the pants. After reading the reviews I decided to make the finished size based on my hip measurements. The pattern was easy to cut; it was two pieces, one front and one back.

The steps to sew the pattern were exactly the same as the steps for the pattern for the Simplicity pajama pants. The back piece is slightly wider than the front, which gives you good seat room. With right sides together I assembled each leg at the inner seam.

The next part of the directions was written very poorly. I rewrote it on my pattern to say, “Open each leg and put one on top of the other, right sides together.) I then serged the u shape.

They were finally coming together! This is the halfway mark! I flipped the pants so that they looked like a pair turned inside out. I then serged the two side seams.

I followed the instructions to finish the waistband using a tool called a bodkin to thread my 1 1/2 inch elastic. I chose a wide elastic that wouldn’t roll. I also topstitched the casing with a red thread to add a decorative detail.

When all was said and done the pants looked so good! They weren’t as wide as palazzo pants, but they were wide enough. I saw a similar pair of pants at Macy’s.

They retail at 125.00!

Here is my version.

Mine cost me a whopping 8.00.

What do you think? Have you stole a look lately and saved yourself major money? Comment below. Thanks for reading.