Sew Beyond Fabulous

Two years ago, I set out on a mission to learn how to sew. I had limited myself to a few basic dresses. I have learned along the way some really good tips from a myriad of YouTubers; thank you YouTube World I have since then even ventured out to make a classroom quilt.

Two years into my journey, what would I say to someone endeavoring to be self-taught? Hmm. What would I want someone to tell me? Here it is:

  1. Perfect your stitching skills. This includes back stitching, learning about stitch length, and also stitch types.
  2. Know your machine.  If threading is key, proper tension is the deadbolt.
  3. Practice on cheap fabric with simple patterns. I made a lot of my mistakes on cotton pajama bottoms. I purchased fabric at Walmart.
  4. Learn the types of fabrics, including which is knit and which is woven. Knit is more forgiving for mistakes than woven, I learned on knit and was way more successful creating my initial garments than I was learning on woven.
  5. Try making simple stuff first, not to be confused with small stuff. For example, potholders are small. However, Potholders are not simple! They require binding, and a basic quilting technique. Pajama pants are simple, I'm telling you.
  6. Walk away when you get tired; the more tired you are the more mistakes you will probably make. Join a sewing club for support
  7. Have a seam ripper! You will need it. Find a good tutorial on how to use it before you do the "pick method" which takes forever and may cause you to and give up completely.

For those of you who remember your first lessons in sewing, what additional advice would you give?

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