Sew Easy Banner Craft Tutorial

School is out for summer break, but the teacher in me never goes on break! I try to incorporate arts and crafts with the kids throughout the summer months, especially on 90 degree days! I decided to teach the kids about banners and shields. So naturally I wanted them to make one. I found some online by Martha Stewart and ran to the local craft store. To my disappoint they were about 4 inches by 5 inches.

After searching the internet and rummaging through two other craft stores, I decided to look for a tutorial on how to make one. After being very frustrated I forged my own path and made my own; no template, no tutorial. Today I’m going to share how I did it. For this craft you will need:

  • 1 Yard of white cotton or cotton blend material
  • Two craft dowels (I used 3/16in X 12 in.)
  • 1 yard of string
  • A sewing machine
  • 1 sheet of copy paper or card stock.
  • Optional serger and bodkin

Fold your card stock in half lengthwise. Then cut from the bottom corner of the edge at a 45 degree angle toward the fold. This becomes your template. Open the card stock and cut it in half down the fold. You now have two patterns.

Fold the fabric in half, selvedges together.

Fold each edge toward the center enough to fit the template over the folded piece. Lay the template on the fold. You can then lay the other half of the template on the fold. Pin the templates to the fabric. If you alternate the edge pattern layout you can produce two different shapes of banner. One will look more like a shield.

I didn’t trace the pattern. I simply cut the fabric around the card stock. For this project I did double thickness. Pin front and back together. Stitch from right top corner, down right side, around the bottom and up the left side. Leave the top open. Clip notches in the seams with scissors to reduce bulk. Turn banner right side out. Use the dowel or bodkin to gently push corners out. Press the banner. Stitch 1/4 across the top. You could also serge the top. Turn the seam under and press. Turn the pressed seam down 3/4 in and sew a 3/8 seam. (Or adjust to accommodate the size of your dowel.

Knot one string (about 12 inches long) at both ends of the dowel. Allow kids to draw and decorate using fabric markers.

Voila! You’ve got an easy indoor craft that is highly personalized and fun.