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The Frequency of Color: Yellow Painted Desk

Nothing speaks my personal frequency more than color! If color was one of the five love languages my scale would tip completely to one side. My absolute favorite color is fuchsia, but I try to wear as many colors as possible-without looking like a hippie or gypsy.

The power of color to communicate amazes me. Yes, every color speaks. Today, I am highlighting in yellow-pun intended. My neighbors were clearing out their house and set this real wood desk out. They labeled it free. Score one for me! I brought her home and assigned her to my daughter.

Needless to say, for my seven year old, it was not love at first sight. But to a person with vision…

The only thing wrong with the desk was that it was a little shaky. That was easily remedied with a screwdriver and elbow grease. After cleaning her, I let her sit until I could envision what she could be. My daughter decided that she wanted a yellow desk. This was a challenge for me mentally. I mean in my mind a yellow desk would not compliment the Hello Kitty dresser-sigh. Let me tell you friends; choosing the right yellow is harder than picking white. My first sample turned out like egg yolk. Ew!! That's the wrong frequency. Consequently, I went to Sherwin Williams and got a paint sample in "daisy." Ironically painting those cubbies was no stroll in the park!

I coated it with a satin water-based poly. It was coming along but still needed some Fowlerfactor personalization, which equates to sparkle and color.

First, I stained the drawers with java. I decided to decoupage the drawers with a scrapbook paper and glitter based Modge Podge.

I used some pulls I got from the local ReStore. Well against that fabulous drawer liner they suddenly looked plain, so the pulls got some color too. I amped them up!

I spray painted these by turning a tomato stand (which never worked for my tomatoes) upside down and used the prongs as holders. I let my daughter pick three colors from the drawer liner. I then spray painted each a different color using Rustoleum paint.

After allowing the paint to cure, I screwed them into the drawers. My daughter painted these cute little flowers, so I added them to the bottom drawer. This added her personal touch to the project.

Once everything was put back together the desk looked completely different and totally adorable. Perhaps she has my eye for color after all.

It's now at home in my daughter's room, where it communicates joy and invites my daughter to draw, read, and ahem do homework. For me, it's on to my next project.

My youngest son said it's a true ugly duckling story. What do you think?

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Creating Closet Space with Closet Maid

Have you ever wondered why bedroom closets in kids rooms are so small? I mean who has more stuff than little kids? When we bought our house two years ago, I knew that storage was pretty high on the list. We have three children and a dog. When allotting the kids rooms, I knew that at least one closet would need an organizer to maximize space.

I asked my husband to remove the existing single shelf that was in the bedroom closet. I then decided I wanted the small closet to to be something unexpected. I decided to paint the closet red. It took three coats, but I finally managed to get it to shade and depth of red where I wanted it. The paint I chose was by Glidden. The color red I chose is called Old Glory. I thought it was very fitting for a Captain America themed bedroom.  Honestly, there was no way I was going to paint the entire room red, as requested. So this was my compromise. The paint was fairly easy to roll on, but it took a full gallon to paint this one small closet.


After the paint was dry, my DH set up the Closet Maid Organizer I purchased from Home Depot. I was very pleased with the system’s versatility, but was dissatisfied with the lack of drawer options for the shelving system. So for now, our son still uses a small dresser. What have you completed around the house in order to increase storage capacity?

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Hello Kitty Dresser: How it all started.

I guess the there are several things that contributed to mydresser1 need for a creative outlet: After teaching high school students for ten months, a teacher needs a mental break. My first piece was requested by my daughter, who wanted a Hello Kitty Dresser. After combing the internet, I quickly discovered that a Hello Kitty anything was going to cost a small fortune.  Small fortune and teacher salary are polar opposites. Ha! I would set out to create my own version. I picked up this vintage dresser at the local Goodwill.

After a good cleaning and a quick prime. I spray painted the base with Rustoleum Berry Pink Gloss. The top was spray painted with Black Gloss, also by Rustoleum. Using a a sample of the Black Gloss paint by Rustoleum, I used a small brush to blacken the beveled details of the dresser. I decoupaged the drawers with scrapbook paper, finishing them off with a clear gloss. The front of the drawers were spray painted with a metallic chrome paint, which was the nightmare of the entire process!

Once, the paint was dry, I added a Hello Kitty Decal to the top.  centered it, and I sealed it with a clear poly. I added two removable decals, one on each side of the dresser as well. I figured if she ever outgrows this, removing the two can appear to be a more “big girl” look.


Here is the finished product all dressed up and in her home. What do you think?