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Where is Your Bonnet?

As a mother of a daughter, who has long curly hair, the aforementioned question is part of my nightly bedtime routine. It goes something like, “put your pajamas on, brush your teeth, put on your bonnet, and get in the bed.” After my daughter gets three of the four steps right, I usually find her in bed with her hair sprawled across the Hello Kitty on her pillow. Inevitably we have the same Q&A. “Where is your bonnet?” “Did you look in the bathroom?” Sometimes I just let her use mine.

When you have curly hair or fine hair a satin sleep bonnet is part of the protective line of defense against breakage and dryness. Satin lined bonnets can be expensive, as most things marketed toward curly hair are. This is extremely frustrating if you have to replace them due to wear or loss.

Recently I found a tutorial that showed how to make a diy satin lined bonnet with 1/2 a yard of your favorite fabric and 1/2 yard of satin. In my stash I had 3/4 of a yard of this remnant fabric from Hancock’s Going Out of Business Sale.

My rationale was if I make a bonnet she loves maybe she’ll keep up with it. I followed the tutorial by Kandra, Easy DIY Reversible Hair Bonnet Tutorial (African Print). The instructions were really easy. I used a 22 X 22 rectangle fold because I was sewing for a child. I cut an 11 inch semi circle cut on the quarter fold.

I then used that cotton fabric to cut the blue satin static free liner. I pinned it right on top, making sure to line up corners, selvedges, and folds.

When opened you have two circles. Sew them right sides together and your in the home stretch.

I used a serger marking my stopping point, an opening marked by two red pins crossed in an X. I turned the circles right sides out and created the 1/2 inch wide sleeve with my sewing machine. I used my bodkin +safety pin technique to thread the elastic.

I closed the seam and stretched the elastic to shape the bonnet. Voila! Here is the finished product.

It took me less time to make it than it would if I would have ran to the local Walmart and been “peer pressured” into self checkout. She loves it! My hope is that she’ll wear it and keep up with it. Keep me in prayer. Only time will tell.

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