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Pinterest Sensory Bottles

When you live in the South, there are sweet things that go hand in hand with Southern culture that are easy to get used to: sweet tea, red velvet cake, biscuits, and crispy fried chicken. The hardest thing to get used to for a girl from PA is the consecutive days of 90 degree weather—Sticky humid hot 90 degree weather. School is out, and kids are indoors a lot. I turned to Pinterest for a quick craft yesterday. 

We found a DIY for sensory bottles. It linked back to this blog by Little Bins for Little Hands. It was super simple and I convinced my kids to drink a lot of water before we could start. All you need is a water bottle, some glitter glue, food color (optional), and glow sticks. I  bought my glitter glue and glow sticks at AC Moore. I used Core water bottles:


I filled two bottles 2/3 of the way with hot tap water. Each of my kids was then charged to dump their own glitter glue in the water. The glitter glue we used was this:

My daughter’s glitter glue was fluorescent and cream, my son’s was red. I added a few drops of red food coloring to her water to get a pink color. I added blue to get my son’s to a dark purple; he’s really into the Dark Side of Star Wars. We filled the water bottles slightly below the fill line, capped them, and they shook the bottles until the glue dissolved.  They then snapped a few glow sticks and dropped them in the bottles. We didn’t glue the lids because were going to add more glitter but look how neat they look. 

This Dark One really looks good at night. This was another fun pinterest project. We’ve also made slime although I didn’t post that. However, you can check out my pins here. What pinterest projects have you tried with your children?